Risk Management Company & Insurance Provider

Prescience Management Inc. is always looking for underwriters with experience in market and housed within Specialty Reinsurance company. The strategic focus of a Surety department is to support and participate on core opportunities for clients with expertise in their particular area of commerce. We believe in a true partnership with our clients and brokers, and we aim to provide first class service with innovative, entrepreneurial, and capital efficient products to aid our mutual growth in this exciting sector.

Portfolio Summary

Customs Bonds & Comprehensive non-payment.

In a world of rapid economic globalization credit risks have become more complex and intense. Both private companies and governments need to pay close attention to risk in their counterparts, not only to safeguard their assets, but also to ensure their own stability.

Whether it’s credit, bond reinsurance, or protection against political risks even surety risk, we attempt to negotiate treaty and facultative reinsurance products on a proportional and non-proportional basis. Our specialists work closely with our clients to design the reinsurance solutions today’s world demands.