About Us

Since its inception, Prescience Management has become a leader in innovative products and services.

The key to our success lies in creating a strategic partnership with each of our partners, and by extension, their own client. With you as a fast-growing partner, we share the same objectives and commitment as well as the same sense of urgency in every one of our actions. This is what drives our dedication to exceed your expectations.

The market is constantly evolving as new regulations are always being implemented. Success can only be attained by risk takers, those open to exploring new ideas and concepts, those who think outside of the box, those who can change their course on a dime and forge ahead into uncharted territory.

At Prescience Management, we are aware that new rules will redefine the economic landscape. Our challenge is to anticipate these changes, to accept them and to invest in the future. Today, as in the past and the future, our goal is to become your preferred partner and to overcome the hurdles presented by this new economic environment.

A leadership that stems from past successes

Prescience Management provides added value to its partners and is synonymous with quality and reliability. Our enviable position in the marketplace has made us undisputed leaders in our field. Our success is due to our sustained efforts in the pursuit of excellence and in building a loyal client base greatly appreciative of the products and services we offer. Prescience Management is focused on your success and our commitment to playing an active role in this endeavor is the basis of our relationship with you. Redistribution within the community is more than just an empty promise: with us it is a reality. Prescience Management, connecting you with results.

Strategic Planning

Strategy is a way of thinking. It is a conscious and deliberate process, an extremely thorough exercise ensuring a solid foundation for future success. Think of it as a game of chess. Much like chess, you must evaluate your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses while anticipating every move he or she will make. Our actions must therefore be carefully researched and planned. In these conditions, anticipation and precision are essential when it comes to making decisions. Prescience Management wants to be your strategic partner. We will be very active in tomorrow’s market and we strongly believe that it is incredibly important to rely on strategic guidelines when it comes to our actions.

We go the extra mile to forge sustainable, mutually profitable relationships with each of our business partners. They know they can count on us for first rate security, product knowledge and expertise, ensuring stable pricing, innovative product design and the rapid decision making that comes with a culture of entrepreneurialism

We firmly believe in the benefits of collective thinking.